Kirk Originals- Sculpture Collection in Style Celeste

Kirk Originals latest collection of eyewear is defined by Sculpture. I love the beautiful color combinations of the Celeste Style, for those who want different colors you have a choice of 12 different color combos in 10 different shapes. Great idea, how many times do you love the color but the shape does not work for you, or vice versa.

The use of both zyl acetate and acrylic brings a different texture to the look and feel.

For fun information and to learn more about Kirk and his projects, celebrities that wear the eyewear visit the site.

You can also visit Kirk Originals on Facebook and Twitter


  1. Thank you for contacting us. We don’t buy or sell any products, just write about them. Contact them directory for more information.

  2. Re the Kirk Originals, Sculpture Collection in Style Celeste (as shown above in blue), what sizes do you carry (50mm would be ideal). How can I order them for my wife? What is the cost? Etc.

  3. Do you carry Kirk Originals, Celeste style? I’m interested in the two color frames (pictured above on your site). How do I find out what colors you have to choose from, and the frame style?

    Thank you!

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