A new type of Smart Glasses is being launched on Kickstarter. Van Lent Systems has incorporated an LED light into Swipest Glassesthe bridge which is cool, especially since it seems like I can never find my flashlight. The look is retro, but the biggest advantage is the ability to put in any types of lenses. Meaning you can RX them.

This is what they say:

Swipest Glasses in charger
Swipest Glasses in Charger

Lithoijen, Oss, the Netherlands, May 2015 – Van Lent Systems, involved for decades in the development and production of high-tech (medical) electronic equipment, announces a new strategic move in which a fashionable trendsetting gadget will become available to the crowd-funding platform of Kickstarter. Daily practical glasses that come with many interesting features, and have a trendy high-quality frame complete with top-notch lenses . Durable quality that even comes in a personalized version as well.

“This is an exciting new step forward for our group of companies.” said René van Lent, founder and CEO of the group companies. “Over the years we have already built a solid international reputation as electronic development company amongst various professionals within the fields of our activities with our project at Kickstarter we will step forward into the global spotlight as we will develop products for the many. Our main goal is to build a dedicated group of followers around us that like to come into direct contact with a group of enthusiastic development engineers. We have many exciting ideas for a lot of mind-blowing products and we seek a community that want to think and grow along with us.”

In the high-end glasses (designer frames, aspheric, or high-index progressive lenses with top-notch anti-reflective coating, and etcetera) the total cost could easily exceed $1000. However, even if one has a truly designer frame, then still that won’t be a Swipest Glasses frame with all that added electronic functionality and unique features; it will ‘just’ be a passive frame..

The Swipest Glasses will bring everything to the next level by not just offering a super-trendy designer frame but by combining this as well with a lot of features. A true fashionable and wearable practical gadget, complete with even aspheric high-index progressive lenses having premium anti-reflective coatings, etcetera, for an incredible low total price.

“Because in this project we control every aspect ourselves and have the knowledge to do so, we don’t just cut out one middle-man, we’ll cut out many middle-men.” says René. “The proposed project is a total concept solution in which everybody can get the most trendy available frame with state of the art prices at very affordable prices. The end-result of an innovative production and development company directly supplying the end-user with the means of the Kickstarter platform.”

We have high expectations of this new market approach and are already working on other highly innovative products that are planned to be launched later this year in the same way on Kickstarter.

About Van Lent Systems B.V.

Van Lent Systems is a Dutch Limited company, part of an international group of European companies specialized in the development, production and international sales of an own electronic product range. The group is highly experienced in medical and OEM activities, covering a wide range of high-tech electronic products. Van Lent Systems, as well as all sister companies, were founded and are owned by René van Lent, the present CEO.

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