One of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet are rocks, stones, pebbles. They are abundant in the world and one of the most ancient and strongest building materials. Eyewear companies are taking notice. We know of 7 eyewear companies using stone and now via Kickstarter, we welcome another. The Slate Soul Collection by Wills Fabrik is a wood and rock layered sunglass.

This is what I love best, the names of the three styles they are introducing.

The Angkor is named about Angkor Wat a 1000 year old stone temple in Cambodia.The largest temple complex in the world and a to go place on my bucket list.


I have wonderful memories of Stonehenge, a pre-historic monument in England. For those who have never been, it truly is amazing, why is it there?


Horyujik a Buddhist temple in Japan is also known as the old wooden building in the world. The round sunglass is inspired by “Ensō” in Buddhism. “Ensō” is a hand drawn circle that symbolizes enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void).


Great names for a great look. The lenses are all Carl Zeiss Vision lenses .

We wish them well in their Kickstarter journey. More information here on Kickstarter