Found on Kickstarter Swedish based Skugga Sunglasses wants crowdsourced funding to develop their tint on command sunglasses.


‘SKUGGA are sunglasses with dynamic tinting control, letting you live up to your full potential in all lighting conditions. SKUGGA uses an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the tint to your current environment. In order to get the perfect tint for the situation, you can manually adjust your shades via the SKUGGA-app; simply swipe the controller and enjoy your custom tint via your smart phone.

Interesting concept, allowing the wearing to only have one pair of glasses. Instead of switching from glasses to sunglasses and various light conditions, it could be a good thing. Advantages are numerous:

• Automatically adjusts the tint according to your current environment

• Manually adjustable tint by using the SKUGGA-app

• No buttons or ports – SKUGGA charges through induction

• Sensor to log your daily UV-light exposure

• Frames adapted for the possibility of integrating prescription lenses (RX-able)

• Protects 100 % from UVA and UVB, even when at the lightest tint

They are on their way looking to raise $121,000+ USD. The concept is one of the future the styling is good. But you are not buying these for style, you are buying because of the technology and ease of use.