Ojos Eyewear crowd funding campaign was successfully funded on Indiegogo. We wish them well as we love their social responsibility programs. This is what they say on their website:

1.) For every pair of OJOS eyewear sold, we plant 10 trees. As one of our carbon offset methods, they partnered with Trees for the Future & The Nature Conservancy to plant trees in countries worldwide that suffer from deforestation & soil degradation. 

Style Ruby
Style Ruby

2.) All OJOS pouches are made via a micro-financed, grass- roots campaign with indigenous women of India to support livelihood, way of life, and traditional craft. This trade fair certified project allows us to support an amazing cause and provide our supporters with an extremely unique item.

Ojos Pouches
Ojos Pouches

3.) A member of 1% for the Planet and voluntarily tax ourselves a 1% “Earth Tax” to donate to worldwide organizations that work to protect, preserve, and sustain healthy environments. We work to cover our environmental footprint for our generation, and generations to come.


4.) Using the best of what’s around is a cornerstone of our company. All OJOS display cases utilize a reclaimed pinewood called Colorado Beetlekill. A species of beetle car- ries a type of bacteria that is naturally deforesting mass amounts of US National parks and forests – collectively 1,760,000 acres. We reclaimed this wood from Colorado that would otherwise end up in landfills for all of our custom, hand-crafted display cases.


5.) All OJOS packaging and print materials come with 5 different eco-certifications to represent our eco-driven philosophy and foundation. These certifications include the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI), EPA Green Power Partner, 100% recycled paper, and non-toxic, vegetable based inks and dyes.

Via: www.ojoseyewear.com

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