OCCLES-Profile-image-6An innovative new eyewear brand has launched a crowd funding bid to allow it embark upon mass production. Occles, the brainchild of Edinburgh, Scotland couple Hugh Robertson and Lynne McLeod, hopes to raise £10,500 through the Indiegogo platform.

Occles, being branded as the ‘ultimate eyeshades’, wrap around the head blocking out light. There is no bridge over the nose to save unsightly tan marks and dents. Hugh said: “We have reached a key stage in our development, having spent the last few years making several prototypes to perfect the function, comfort and design. We now need investment to take us to the next level to bring Occles to the market. We have launched the crowd funding bid to raise investment and gain feedback from the online community.”

Hugh and partner Lynne came up with the idea for Occles while on a beach in Greece three years ago. They noticed people were using towels to cover their eyes from the bright sunshine. They discovered there was no other bridgeless design on the market like Occles. The eye seals on the innovative product allow the wearer to open and close their eyes while blocking out strong light and harmful UV rays aiding total relaxation.

Lynne said: “The sun’s strong glare penetrates through sunglasses lenses which causes you to frown. When you’re lying at the beach you just want to fully de-stress. No-one wants white frown lines or panda eyes after a day relaxing – we want a nice, healthy and even glow all over having protected our skin. Occles protect the delicate skin around your eyes. I’m very conscious of eye health and feel there is a lack of awareness on it. We’ve designed Occles to look stylish, feel comfortable, protect your eyes and most importantly aid relaxation.”

Hugh and Lynne have spent 18 months working with Abertay University on market research. In the first production run from the Indiegogo funding, they hope to produce 5000 pairs of Occles with a selection of five colours.

Dr Gary Mulholland, Associate Director Innovation at Abertay University, said: “The human cost of eye damage means that new innovative solutions are needed to protect our eyes from the harmful effects of strong light. Occles are leading the way in their design and approach.”

Contributors to the crowd fund will be reserving Occles. There are six packages available from £5 to £104.

The crowd fund runs until 25th August and Occles hopes to make delivery of its first order run in November.

For more information on Occles visit www.occles.co and to view the Indiegogo campaign visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/occles-eyewear.

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