A New Start-up which has not launched yet Edgar Bruce Eyewear will be employing the one for one marketing concept emulating Warby Parker, Toms Glasses, 141 Eyewear, Shaun’s Shades, Solo and a host of other ‘give back’ eyewear companies. Edgar Bruce has won some awards, they are on Facebook, but their site is not launched yet.

We haven’t seen the product yet, I am sure it will be the retro inspired look that is hot right now. We applaud the concept and wish them luck.

WATERLOO — Like most people, Katrina Shaw is shocked when she sees eyeglasses selling for upwards of $300.

“If eyeglass technology has been around for 700 years, then why is it the same price as a BlackBerry Z10?” she asks.

As she did some research into that question, she discovered a huge industry that is dominated by one major player behind many of the big fashion brands.

Then, when she visited Peru with a Wilfrid Laurier University student organization last August, she met people with visual impairments who can’t afford proper prescription eyeglasses. Full Story


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