Unfortunately Glasses TrackR did not make their goal in Indiegogo. I think about the millions of eyeglasses that have been lost or misplaced. This could be useful for the elderly, for kids, it’s pretty cool. Great for going to beach, late nite parties, I can see this.

Here is what they say: Glasses TrackR is a small tracking device designed for sunglasses and eyeglasses. Once you attach TrackR to your eyewear, your phone will automatically keep track of where your glasses are located for you. 

The device has been designed to sleekly slip onto any pair of glasses and remain hidden behind the user’s ear & hair when worn. Stop losing moments looking for lost eyeglasses and worrying about losing your favorite pair of sunglasses with Glasses TrackR.

The Glasses TrackR device slips on to the back of any eyewear frames & attached via a comfortable neoprene slip. The user then downloads the TrackR App onto their iPhone or Android. From the app, the user can track where there glasses are and find their glasses in seconds using TrackR’s unique two-way finder system