On Indiegogo; Gemalli Wood and Bamboo sunglasses feature a windshield front and forked temple.

Gemalli Sunglasses – indiegogo from Gemalli on Vimeo.

Gemalli is the brainchild of Graham Beck and Andrew Gardner. The two friends were casually discussing cool new product ideas one day; after a lot of talking and a simple napkin sketch, the brand Gemalli was born. As they discussed the concept more in depth, they realized they would need to spend the next couple years perfecting the style, testing all different materials for the lenses and arms, fitting prototype after prototype and designing the ideal sunglasses case. The process has been a long road for the company, but proven to be worth the wait!

This is the first Gemalli video made for an indiegogo fundraising campaign. Please visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gemalli-sunglasses/x/3099726 to support this project and get one of the first pairs of Gemalli Sunglasses!