SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Aug, 2015 — Extinct Sunwear, a new sunglasses and apparel company, seeks to combat the threat to animal extinction around the world in a stylish and unusual way by creating awareness through the marketing of retro- and species-inspired eye-wear for young adults.

Extinct eyewear

Founders Kaitlyn Yee, 18, and Alex Ferriera, 19, decided to put their passion for global change and the conservation of Earth’s species into a company that focuses on solving the problem of extinction by donating 25 percent of its annual profits to wildlife preservation organizations. These organizations are: Sea Shepherd, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, and the African Parks Foundation. All three have built a world-wide reputation for ethically and directly taking action to protect animals.

“We really need to focus on keeping animals in the wild where they can live and thrive as they naturally would,” Ferriera said. “My first company was a clothing company. I’ve always loved designing things that people can feel good about wearing, and so I thought bringing together my passion for clothing and for protecting wildlife could turn into something great.”

“We wanted to find an endeavor that our generation could latch on to and feel good about.” Yee said. “We decided that creating a environmentally-responsible business could bring awareness to a serious issue impacting our world and the wildlife in it. People are just starting to recognize the plight of wild animals such as the recent trophy-hunting poaching of the African lion Cecil in Zimbabwe.”

Ferriera and Yee are concerned about the potential of wide-spread environmental damage on Earth. Researchers, including some from Stanford University, published a study last month stating our planet is undergoing a sixth mass extinction and in two generations up to 75 percent of species could be wiped out due to human activity.

Extinct Sunwear is under the umbrella Change Bound, a co-working space in Scotts Valley for young people who need mentoring from professional entrepreneurs. The company launched it’s Kickstarter campaign, “Sunglasses That Fight Wildlife Extinction“, August 3, 2015 with a goal of raising $13,900 by the date of September 3, 2015 through pre-ordering Extinct Sunwear sunglasses and apparel.

To visit the Kickstarter campaign site and see a video explaining more of the Extinct Sunwear mission, go online to:

About Extinct Sunwear:

Extinct Sunwear is a startup sunglasses and apparel company that’s committed to the preservation and conservation of the Earth’s endangered and threatened animal species. As an impact focused company, we’re all about inspiring individuals to take action and become conscious of the massive decline of wildlife that’s occurring.