A few years ago we wrote about a new design studio called Crafting Plastics, which was creating biodegradable Eyewear from plastic. Well, they have decided to go with the flow and launched a Kickstarter Campaign in which they attained their goal in only 2 days. Their ultimate goal is to reduce our addiction to oil and use other sources to have one of the few and growing petroleum free eyewear products in the market. The biggest advantage is this eyewear can compost in 9o days.

While there are other bio-plastics on the eyewear market this is the first material of it’s kind that we know about and they have been working on it since 2015. They are using 3D printing and made in Europe.

Kudos the Crafting Plastics Eyewear or CP! for doing their part to decrease our addiction to oil and while doing that helping to save our oceans.

Via Kickstarter 

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