We have been featuring budding eyewear designers on Kickstarter, the latest is Tap Eyewear that seeks to gain funds to manufacturer plastic eyewear with adjustable nosepads for the hard to fit face and have them made in the USA.

‘TAP Eyewear are plastic ophthalmic frames with adjustable nose pads. In the eyewear industry frames are designed for the average person’s face. As we all know, not everyone’s face is average. There are many people out there that find it hard to find frames that fit their face. This becomes even harder when they want to wear plastic frames. The bridge on a plastic frame either fits your nose or it doesn’t. There is very little in between. That is where TAP Eyewear comes into play.

The design for TAP Eyewear came to me after years of being in the optical industry. There are a lot of people that want to wear plastic frames but they just don’t fit. This is even more of a problem with the ever growing Asian community. Many Asians have a very small bride or no bridge at all. This makes it very hard for them to find plastic frames that fit. There is also the benefits of having nose pads on a frame for more precise adjusting.This becomes even more important when you are wearing progressive or multifocal lenses.