As a person who multiple pair of eyeglasses and uses several ways to store, it is really nice to find a local San Francisco based company, Bushakan that wants to create artistic eyeglass holders. On Kickstarter 

What they say:

Our goal was to make a great product that would serve the dual purpose of organizing your glasses and act as a design piece in your home. 

The wood stands are cut from a single solid piece of ash hardwood. The pockets are carved out, revealing both the beauty of the wood and providing the perfect compartments for your glasses. 

The fiber stands are made out of natural fibers, which are compressed with a water-based thermoset binder to form an eco-friendly, lightweight, strong composite.

We did extensive testing to determine the optimal size for the pockets.  The pockets are large enough to fit almost any style of glasses, even ones containing larger lenses and/or frames. The bottom pocket of each stand is also larger than the other pockets, for exceptionally large glasses or sunglasses