A&A Optical announces the release of new junior styles from Crocs™ Eyewear:
JR088 and JR091. Crocs™ eyewear interprets the relaxed and distinctly fun Crocs™ spirit, incorporating the unique style and creative design in terms of colors, shapes, materials and comfort of Crocs™ branded products. The collection uses an assortment of high-quality materials such as ultra-lightweight stainless steel, hypo-allergenic silicone rubber and flexible polymer. Color Crazed.

JR088_20OE by A&A Optical

A passion for vibrancy, girls’ style JR088 celebrates color with an acetate front and flexible rubber temples. The combination frame is available in three colors: 20OE (black front, orange inside coloring with red accent), 35RY (purple front, hot pink inside coloring with light grey accent), and 40B (brown front, khaki inside color with tan accent).

JR091_50BE by A&A Optical
JR091_80LE by A&A Optical

Lightweight and durable JR091 is lined with bright color. The combination frame with an acetate front and flexible rubber temples is available in 20KI (black front, khaki inside coloring with lime green accent), 80LE (grey front, lime inside coloring with teal accent), 50BE (blue front, turquoise inside coloring with light grey accent).

For more information on A&A Optical Crocs eyewear collection, click here.

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