It’s about the latest trends that make a girl feel pretty. Kensie’s clothing line is inspired by the runway, trends, what’s hot and fashion trends a modern girl really wants. Kenmark translates this philosophy into new optical and sunwear designs.

Kensie is added new sunwear and eyewear styles into its current collection. The latest product features geometric patterns, muted colors and the modern shapes that keep the kensie collection pretty, yet edgy. The patterns are revealed in a variety of ways including laminated pattern temples, CNC cutting to show layers of color and the mix and matching of blocked acetate. Kensie’s edgy look mixed with the warm colors of fall is sure to make you feel pretty!

Kensie is a world of trends with a feminine, yet raw spin and a dose of playful positive charisma. It’s all about dressing in the emotion of the moment. The eyewear uses mixing and matching of colors and materials to create textures and patterns translated from the clothing.