Choose Green Eco Friendly Eyewear From Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture has released their first eco friendly eyewear collection. Utilizing renewable plant materials, the “Choose Green” collection of eco-friendly sunglasses are 55% bio-based and contribute much less to global warming emissions. All sunglasses in the “Choose Green” collection will be sold with an organic canvas pouch printed in soy ink that is attached to an informational “Choose Green” hangtag printed on recycled paper.

“Choose Green” collection will consist of three styles: “Jasmine,” “Fern,” and “Peony” featuring frames made from plant-derived “Green Plastic” and temple treatments from bamboo – both highly renewable resources. While traditional plastics are produced from petroleum, relying on fossil fuel (a limited resource), “Green Plastic” is a bioplastic derived from oil contained in the beans of the castor plant, a low-maintenance plant that thrives in many places around the world. Bamboo is another amazing renewable resource as it is the world’s fastest growing plant and can grow up to one meter in a single day. While traditional trees used for lumber take 20 years to regenerate, bamboo can be harvested every six years. (We do not know if this is FSC certified bamboo)

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