Lisa Gralnick- Using Telescopes For Close Up Work

One of our favorite people is Jeff Caplan at Craft Optics, and we had the opportunity to meet with him at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas last week. When most people think about microscopes on their eyeglasses, you kinda envision blind people. Jeff very nicely pointed out, all sorts of crafts people need to wear higher powered lens accessories for close up work. I never really thought about it before. On his blog he writes about Lisa Gralnick a jewelry designer who is using Craft Optics telescope attachment on her lenses for when she is designing jewelry.

Taking it another step, I wouldn’t want a doctor operating on me without a telescopic lens! UGH, should you imagine. These lens attachments are for more than just hobbyists, they are for any type of close up work whether for your occupation or your hobby.

For eyecare professionals, you can find Craft Optics at Modern Optical International


  1. Hi I make jewellery and need to purchase something for close work but there is no price for craft optics How much are they please?

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