BioTru a contact lens solution recently released from Bausch+Lomb is a nature inspired contact lens solution appealing to consumers seeking eco friendly options. The question arises is this a true eco friendly option for contact lens wearers?

Bausch & Lomb cares about the environment,” begins a statement on the Biotrue carton. “This carton and bottle are 100 percent recyclable.”

Urvashi Rangan, project director of, a Web site published by Consumer Reports that evaluates environmental claims on labels, called that claim “truthful but misleading.” Virtually any cardboard carton is recyclable, as are most plastic bottles, and the truly environmentally minded, Ms. Rangan said, make packages from recycled materials, an increasingly common practice.

“Having the cardboard made out of recycled materials is frankly another whole level of greenness,” she said. “If Bausch & Lomb is using virgin fiber to make a cardboard box, then they’re using trees, and that isn’t green.”

Ted Ning, executive director of the Lohas Forum, which hosts an annual conference for businesses and nonprofit groups, reviewed Biotrue’s Web site at a reporter’s request. Mr. Ning questioned whether the product would appeal to “conscious consumers” because it was neither made with recycled materials nor was its maker donating any proceeds to environmental or social causes.

“It’s a very meager effort to try to capitalize on green intentions, and I kind of consider that greenwashing,” Mr. Ning said, using the term for representing companies or products as more environmentally friendly than they are.

The reality is 1.) All cardboard is recyclable 2.) The true green would be to reuse the bottle over a period of time and assure the bottle would be accepted in recycling containers 3.) Contact Lens solution is non-toxic, of course it should be.

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