By all reports it says that Smart Glasses are not the way to go.. Well, first Snap Chat buys Epiphany, Sony coming out with their Smart Glasses and now Intel is investing in Vuzix.. What do you think?

Intel clearly sees big potential in the smart eyewear market. In addition to putting its processors in Google Glass and teaming up with Luxottica to create high-tech glasses, it has now invested major cash in internet-connected eyewear-maker Vuzix. According to Vuzix, Intel has just bought $24.8 million of its stocks making up 30 percent of the company. The chipmaker hasn’t replied to our request for a statement yet, but the companies’ press release says Intel will have “the right to vote with the holders of Common Stock on an as-converted basis, and has the right to appoint two members to Vuzix’ Board of Directors, in addition to the Company’s current five members. ” Full Story At Engadget 


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