Innotec is excited to announce the arrival of two groundbreaking styles to their renowned line of innovative eyewear. The Bowen and Reiner deepen Innotec’s commitment to pioneer new paradigms of ultramodern frames that challenge the market’s most demanding standards for comfort, durability, and weight. At just sixteen grams light, these futuristic eyeglasses integrate stainless steel and carbon fiber into a classic semi-rimless shape. Pushing the frontiers of technology, the Bowen and Reiner define a new pulse design that is poised to propel Innotec to the apex of high-tech eyewear.

Bowen Modulated by modernity, the Bowen is an innovative take on a classic semi-rimless shape. Cut from a single block of stainless steel, this progressive pair uses a revolutionary manufacturing process that eliminates solder points to deliver unmatched durability. The featherlight carbon fiber temples, uniquely constructed with a stainless steel core for unrivaled durability, are fastened to the front with working rivets and robust five-barrel hinges that offer first-class comfort and a lasting fit.



Reiner The Reiner is designed with unswerving dedication to innovation and technology. Using the market’s premier materials, this sleek frame seamlessly welds classic semi-rimless appeal and revolutionary design. Cut from a select block of pure stainless steel, the Reiner has no solder points or weak spots. The visually intriguing carbon fiber temples, attached to the front with German OBE screws and working rivets, have a stainless steel core for unsurpassed sturdiness. What’s more, flexible temple tips and adjustable nose-pads provide incomparable comfort, stability, and a perfect fit.