Easy-to-Use Technology, for Peace of Mind

IngenioSpec offers patent-protected smart eyewear technologies for seniors. As the elderly population continues to grow, technologies for aging will become crucial for ensuring seniors’ well-being. Existing devices and services attempt to address some of these needs, but can be unwieldy and conspicuous. IngenioSpec technology envisions a discreet, stylish product combining the ultimate in ease-of-use with compact, lightweight electronics in an item many seniors already use every day: eyewear.

IngenioSpec technologies focus on the needs of seniors who live by themselves and may need extra help getting around or keeping in touch with loved ones. So the design prioritizes a simple learning curve: the waterproof eyewear charges automatically when placed naturally in its case, and the user can access every feature through the eyewear’s one-button interface.

One tap of the button summons a digital assistant—available in the user’s preferred language—that can place calls to contacts and respond to questions like “What’s the major news?”; “Have I walked enough today?”; and “How do I get home?”. If the digital assistant can’t help, it will connect the user to a live professional operator. The user can also connect to the operator directly at any time, simply by tapping the button twice. The operator can offer more personalized assistance, including responding to more complicated requests, or connecting the user to the right person for the situation: a loved one, caregiver, or emergency services as needed.

A more advanced version of the eyewear technology adds features for seniors who benefit from additional assistance and monitoring. It provides automatic reminders for eating, taking medications, drinking water, and sleeping. The eyewear design can also detect falls and continually measure the user’s key vital signs, and, in the event of a problem, send a caregiver to check on the user.

IngenioSpec’s smart eyewear technologies offer an easy, familiar way for seniors to maintain their independence, facilitating fast, automatic communication and providing guidance through daily activities. Smart eyewear designs from IngenioSpec will enable seniors to retire their worries, not their lifestyles, and offer loved ones the sound tranquility of relief.

IngenioSpec, an affiliate of IpVenture, is a Silicon Valley company that develops innovation backed by high-quality patents in smart eyewear technologies. We also offer exceptional patent-related consulting services.

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