It was Albert Einstein who said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”.  I wonder if Canadian born fashion designer, Thomas Tait had the famed physicist in mind when he designed these frameless sunglasses for his 2015 eyewear collection.  The projecting oval lenses adhere to the face by a well designed nose piece while the rose gradient lens dissipates to a clear edge.


The Thomas Tait glasses have a lens shape that is similar to that of a Cat-Eye, especially when its features the retro gold toned lenses.  It is uncanny how something as classic as a Cat-Eye frame can be reinvented into a frameless eyeglass.

The first glance at the clear version bear semblance of a regular pair of eyeglasses at the frontal view, but as we have seen, these are no ordinary glasses.  Once you realize these spectacles have no arms, any inkling of “regular” impels to a mere optical illusion.


Via Thomas Tait and General Eyewear (Eyewear Designers)