Santa Fe Springs, CA – Taking into consideration recent research studies on Anti-Reflective (AR) treatments causing elevated UV reflections, iCoat is pleased to introduce its new Stainless AR coating with advanced UV reflection protection. The new Stainless AR features LUV™ (Low UV) technology that helps eliminate significant amounts of UVA and UVB rays reflected off the back-surface of AR lenses.

Since its inception, iCoat Company has been a pioneer in developing lens treatment technologies and this is a step forward in its continuing efforts to provide better visual acuity and true maximum UV protection for improved eye health.

AR treatments are designed to eliminate surface reflections and glare while allowing maximum amounts of visible light to be transmitted to one’s eyes. However, regardless of the lens material, AR treatments were recently found to reflect measurable amounts of harmful UVA and UVB radiation from the back-surface of the lens into the eye. This is true whether applied to clear, sun, polarized or Photochromic lenses. Stainless AR with LUV™ technology, engineered by iCoat, addresses this issue by providing maximum UV reflection protection from the invisible dangers of UVA and UVB while maintaining maximum visible light transmission for clear and crisp vision.

About iCoat

iCoat Company is a full service optical lab and a leading provider of various premium thin-film treatments for optical lenses including anti-reflective, mirror coating, hard coating, UV treatment, oleophobic and hydrophobic applications, anti-static treatments and anti-fog coatings.