New Advanced Digital Lens Technology for Worldwide Market

Atlantic Beach, FL, September 26, 2009 – ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies is a

manufacturer of the THIN-TECH Lens, a high quality individualized digitally created

prescription lens made for wrap around sunglasses.  Both the lens and the process are

revolutionary.  For the first time ever, high power prescription wearers have the opportunity to

wear stylish fashion and sport wrap-around frames.  The THIN-TECH process offers better

optical quality, less weight, thinner lenses and greater cosmetic appeal than a bulky lens.  A

proprietary technology’ is used to customize individual wrap-around high-base curve lenses and

is equally effective on single vision, dual zone and progressive addition lenses (PAL).

In 2005, the Atlantic Beach based THIN-TECH Lens facility was established and has been

engaged in research and development.  Advanced Lens Technologies is the developer behind the

THIN-TECH Lens wrap-around solution.  This technology is protected worldwide and has

patents pending.  ICE-TECH is the exclusive US supplier for THIN-TECH Lens and currently in

discussions with partners for worldwide distribution.  This technology is state of the art and will

benefit eyewear manufacturers and optical retailers worldwide by giving them the ability to

customize match a lens to fit stylish fashion and sport frames.

“THIN-TECH LENS will be launched at one of largest optical trade shows, Vision Expo West

in Las Vegas.  We are excited; this has been in research and development for a long time.  We

can now connect with high quality optical retailers throughout the US”, said Allen Weatherby,

President and CEO of Advanced Lens Technologies, LLC.  The show opens October 1st and runs

for 3 days.

Weatherby continues, “We have spent more than two years of clinical trials, refinements to the

software, the process technology and a worldwide distribution plan.  To get to this point would

not have been easy in normal times, but weathering the financial crisis for a private company

engaged in research and development was an even greater challenge than I could have ever

imagined.”  ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies and the international distribution of THIN-

TECH LENS’s worldwide are being launched at the Vision Expo West Trade Show in Las

Vegas.  For more information, visit


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