Similar to the BMEIdea, the BMEStart is a competition challenging students to solve some of today’s most pressing and interesting issues in medical device design. The competition differs in that BMEStart is restricted to undergraduate students, the stage of education before souls have been surgically removed by graduate education programs.

This year the $10,000 grand prize was awarded to North Carolina State University for their HydrEYE CorneOasis Contact Lens, a hydrating system for patients who have lost control of their eyelid function. Presumably, they also got bonus points for the superliminal moisture suggestions in the carefully constructed name of the product. (moisture is the essence of wetness, after all) The product description states that the device is meant for patients with traumatic brain injury, presumably to make it easier for nurses to care of the eyes of comatose patients. We could also see it being useful for patients with facial nerve disorders that affect the eyelid like Bell’s palsy.

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