LEWISVILLE, TEXAS, (September 22, 2011) Digital devices make life more convenient while we are texting, e-mailing, surfing the web, gaming, and social networking, but they can cause excessive stress on the eyes. Patients are looking for a solution to eyestrain and fatigue caused by the exhausting demand of continually focusing on lit screens, small fonts, and near distances.

“The world had been transformed by digital communication,” said Barney Dougher, President of The Hoya Free-Form Company, he continued, “it is time that single-vision correction solutions catch up. Our passion at The HOYA Free-Form Company is to provide advanced vision correction solutions that are relevant to the actual needs of patients and their lifestyles. Sync is our latest solution.”

The human eye is constantly acting and reacting to the external stimuli of our modern digital world. Demand on our near vision has never been higher. Our fingers have become our mouse, which causes these devices to be held closer. Our eyes are now compensating and accommodating for near work for most of the day, placing higher demands on focusing and reducing the blink rate.

“I’m definitely a huge fan of Sync!” said Melanie Kilpatrick, an Optician/ Vision therapist, from Craig, CO. “I use my iPhone and my iPad a lot. Concentrating on all of those little buttons on my gadgets can really cause a strain. In addition I do a lot of very detailed work on glasses and now, wearing my Sync lenses, I do not need to have a specific pair to handle the detail work or gadget time.”

Our eyes are unsure of exactly where to focus due to back lit surface devices causing them to constantly focus and refocus. This causes eye muscle fatigue. Blinking, the mechanism which relaxes the eye dramatically reduces from an average of 18 blinks per minute when viewing distance range objects to 6 blinks per minute when viewing hand held devices. This reduced blink rate combined with constant focusing and refocusing, causes digital vision eyestrain which may lead to Digital Vision Syndrome (DVS).

Sync is not a progressive lens. Sync features a completely unique design to the industry which applies radial and vertical asymmetry and aspherization to achieve separate but balanced right and left lenses. This exclusive design generates overlapped, comfortable retinal images to guarantee relaxed binocular vision in all directions as well as consistent clear image perception and depth of vision. Sync lenses provide needed assistance to the eye while constantly focusing and refocusing to intermediate and near-by distances. All in all, the advantages for wearers are clear: relaxed focusing/refocusing and clear vision, without any extra effort.

Different than progressive lenses, Sync lenses feature a vertical aspheric single-vision design elements applied across the entire width of the lenses to provide functional accommodation support for intermediate and near vision. Despite this gradual progression, the lens feels like a single-vision design. The imperceptible functional support shifts very gradually from distance refraction correction towards values up to +0.53 D (Sync 5) or +0.88 D (Sync 8).

Sync 5 is an exceptional option for younger adults, including students, who may be suited to having less active support. Our youth and young adults are spending more time viewing screens than anything else. A January 20, 2010 study from The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation stated that 8-18 year olds spend an average of 7.5 hours of screen time a day. Sync 8 is an option for early presbyopes, faced with the increasing digital viewing demands, but not ready for progressive solutions.

Sync lenses have been designed to naturally support the exacting variable distance focusing demands placed on eyes (digital eyestrain) to provide more relaxed vision in all directions and at all distances. Since lenses are available for all corrections and since it is not a progressive design, adaptation is instant and easy. Sync lenses:
•     Support natural focusing for a digital lifestyle
•     Reduce digital eyestrain and fatigue
•     Provide crisp comfortable near and far vision all day long
•     Offer extra support for near and intermediate vision

For more information about Sync please contact your Hoya territory sales manager or visit www. thehoyafreeformcompany.com.

About The HOYA Free-Form Company
The HOYA Free-Form Company manufactures and supplies the highest quality ophthalmic lenses to Eye Care Professionals located within the United States, Canada, and South America. For over 50 years HOYA has satisfied a passion for eye care by providing the most innovative lens designs, materials and treatments for premium vision solutions.


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