Dallas, Texas – August 1, 2012 HOYA Vision Care North America announced the launch of its new consumer website, developed after a yearlong market research study to better understand how consumers approach buying premium eyeglass lenses. The new site will empower eye care patients like never before with easy‐to‐understand information about the latest advancements in vision correction, offering straightforward explanations about the differences between HOYA lenses and other lens brands. This approach is in direct response to research findings that consumers are focusing more on their lens treatments and frames than on what they actually see through.

Ron Barnes, Director of Project Marketing at HOYA North America, said: “After quantitative and qualitative studies, we found the vast majority of eye care consumers don’t care about their lenses… because they don’t understand our industry jargon. That’s why so many patients still think lens brands are all the same, just commodities. So they base their purchase decisions on price alone.”

In addition to the educational benefits for patients, the new site can be used as a pre‐emptive sales tool by Eye Care Professionals – a way to give their patients a head start in learning about their premium lens options before their next appointment.

Detailed overviews about the advanced nature of HOYA lens products and technology, combined with general overviews and explanations about vision correction itself, invite eye care consumers to be a part of their treatment and better inform their questions prior to their office visits.Barnes said: “This is about shifting paradigms. The new site will let patients know they can wear a premium lens brand, not just designer frames. And just as important, we’ll let them know the most advanced prescription eyeglass lenses on earth are only available at Independent Eye Care Practices.”

The new HOYAVision.com is also designed to make finding HOYA premium lenses easier for consumers. By simply entering their zip code in the ‘Find a Provider’ section of the site, eye care patients can locate their nearest HOYA authorized practice.

About HOYA Corporation

HOYA Corporation is a global technology company traded on the Japanese stock exchange based in Tokyo, Japan, and the leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high‐tech and healthcare products based upon its advanced optics technologies. HOYA is active in four fields of business: The Healthcare provides eyeglasses and contact lenses for retail sales. The Medical provides endoscopic system and intraocular lenses for cataract surgery. The Electronics makes mask blanks and photo masks for the semiconductor devices and LCD panels as well as glass memory disks for HDDs. The Imaging produces optical lenses, SLR/compact digital cameras, lens modules and micro lenses. HOYA now has over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates, and employs over 36,500 people worldwide.