Hoya Lens Identifier

DNA, fingerprints, retinal scans – all of these things are unique to you and only you. We all agree that 20/20 is perfect vision. However when two people who are 20/30 are corrected to 20/20 how that is done is unique to each. Think about the differences in every face you see. Then combine that with all of the different frame styles available. Then add in all of the various activities people do – driving, watching TV, sports, playing an instrument – you quickly get a sense for how a pair of lenses positioned on one face can perform differently when placed on another face. Even identical twins have different vision correction needs. It gets even more complicated when your doctor prescribes progressive lenses.

Is it even possible to personalize lenses to each individual? You bet! The Hoya Free-Form Company, the world wide leader in spectacle lens technology development, knows the best patient is an educated patient and with that was born www.choosemylens.com. Our mission is:

• To make you aware of the availability HOYA’s latest cutting edge lens technology.

• Most decisions about your health start with an Internet search. We recognize the importance of sharing with you the superior quality products HOYA Eye Care Providers have to offer.

• The web site’s Lens Selector helps you understand the HOYA products available for your situation, and where to find a HOYA providing eye care practice near you.

I went through the process and this is my Primary Lens Identifier

How do we do it?

• The HOYA Lens Selector is set up to mirror an eye care appointment questionnaire. An interactive experience walks you through specific questions and the result is a personalized summary recommendation of HOYA lenses best suited for you.

• The Lens Selector will make recommendations that help you have a conversation with your eye care provider. While it is not a prescription or final product, the Lens Selector will make you aware of lens possibilities you may not have even been aware were necessary for the protection and health of your eyes.

• Since one pair of lenses may not be best for all situations, we’ll even include recommendations for specialty lenses based on your unique activities, like golfing and biking.

• You will receive an email or print-friendly recommendation and the location of an eye care provider near you that can prescribe HOYA Free-Form lenses as well as a link to their web site so you can schedule an appointment.

• Remember, only an eye care professional can determine the perfect prescription for you. This online tool is a resource for you to get the information you need prior to your doctor’s appointment.

Together the HOYA Lens Selector and your eye care provider can bring you the most personalized and customized visual experience possible. For more information call 800-760-6098 or for the eye care professional near you that provides personalized MyStyle lenses visit www.choosemylens.com today!