Ran across this very interesting post from Cozy Beehive, about how eyewear is made for cycling.

The following video from Giro’s headquarters explains how they design sunglasses. What you’ll see is a bunch of guys brainstorming design patterns. Then some of them produce said designs on CAD, later rapid-prototyping them on 3D printers to test the initial look and wear of the frame. The Futures Channel has an interesting 10 min segment on the making of sunglasses. Again, Giro is the eye wear brand featured and the presentation goes a little into the behind the scenes manufacturing and testing at Giro’s optics partner,Zeiss. The latter creates the lenses for Giro. The video can be seen by clicking on the image below’

To read more about Cycling Eyewear production and to watch the videos (sorry can’t download them) go to Cozy Beehive and read. Interesting stuff.