Cleaning eyeglasses with a quick spit and a shirttail shine? It’s a bad idea, and the Optical Vision Site worked with Nanofilm, maker of Ultra Clarity® lens care, to challenge optical professionals to share their best advice for teaching consumers about proper lens care.

“Today’s high-tech lenses require proper care. Household soaps or clothing can damage lenses and coatings – ruining a pretty big investment for consumers,” says Jodi Groh, Director of Marketing for Nanofilm.

Through the contest, the Optical Vision Site, which offers daily business insights for eyecare professionals, found that better education is much needed. Editor Cathy Ives recalls the entries this way: “Some funny, many very informative, as well as some really scary ones. Many eyecare professionals are recommending using Windex, paper products and detergent for cleaning lenses. From what we understand these may have been OK several years ago, but the newer, anti-reflective coatings can easily be damaged by any one of these.”

The contest also garnered a number of useful suggestions. “The winning entry,” notes Ives “is creative, simple and easy to remember.”

“Here’s a little poem I teach my patients, young and old,” says Terri Antone, the contest winner. “The little ditty is followed with a gift of a case and our cleaner kit containing our office label cleaning liquid and microfiber cloth.”
Two hands on,
Two hands off.
On the face,
Or in the case.
See keener,
Use this cleaner.
Never use paper,
Cloth is safer!”

Jodi Groh, Director of Marketing for Nanofilm, adds, “With many people considering eyeglasses as an investment because of the price they pay, eyecare professionals really do bring added value, and increase customer satisfaction, when consumers are shown how to care for their eyeglasses properly and go home with professional lens cleaning products.” She notes that Antone’s winning entry echoes free educational materials for eyecare professionals that Nanofilm offers:

  •     DO NOT use paper products or clothing
  •     DO NOT use glass cleaners, household detergents, or household soaps
  •     DO NOT place glasses face down on the lenses
  •     DO use a cleaner developed especially for lenses along with a clean lens cloth
  •     DO use two hands when putting glasses on and when taking them off
  •     DO store glasses in an eyeglass case

Nanofilm’s Ultra Clarity lens care is the choice of eyecare professionals and patients worldwide. It receives the highest ratings for cleaning effectiveness and safety in independent tests. It’s safe for all lenses and coatings, including all anti-reflective and mirror coatings. Information about the product and pricing is available online, or inquiries can be directed to Nanofilm’s Customer Service Team at 800-883-6266 or info(at)nanofilmtechnology(dot)com.

About Nanofilm: Nanofilm (, founded in 1985, is a global optical leader in lens care and coatings. Millions of people around the world use Nanofilm products, including Ultra Clarity™, Clarity Clean It™, Clarity Defog It™, EcoClens™ and other lens care products, as well as nanotechnology-enabled coatings.

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