I am a lover of trees, in fact, if there were no trees, we would most likely be dead, which is why, when a company is reusing wood of any sort to remake, reuse or recycle, gets an automatic 10 stars in my book.  With over 70,000 abandoned houses in Detroit, Artist, Achille Bianchi took the next step to create wood eyewear from the usable building materials in these houses. He appropriately has called his wood eyeglass collection Homes Eyewear. Homes Eyewear Working with Reclaim Detroit, who picks up a variety of wood and gives them to Homes. The wood is primarily from old growth circa 1800-1900’s. In the early 1900’s many homes used softwood (white pins and douglas fir) but the hardwoods are wonderful in eyeglass creation.  Can you even imagine the stories these glasses could tell! Each pair is has a history that goes beyond the wearer.

Abandoned house-detroit
Abandoned house in Detroit

It is pretty cool, how they have set this up. The Roosevelt 6400 series is a classic retro style

The Roosvelt-1

Then they show the picture of the abandoned house. Very cool.

The Roosvelt 3

I love this idea, eco friendly friendly eyewear, history and a great reuse story.