I was first drawn to Nowosad Designworks Eyewear by the decorative temples that resembled a tattoo with a techie twist.  As my investigation continued- it went from  a tattoo effect to high tech to artistic to wild and wacky eyewear and then I guess upon customer request settled down to a minimalistic look with sedate decor. All is good no matter what design they are creating.

NoWosad based out of Poland has only been in business for three years. Like many other eyewear designers  they also offer fashion accessories and jewelry along with eyewear.

Then I read this on their blog- we are pleased that you are using the service “create your own frame”. the service whom willingly you are using consists in create unique models of frames selecting colours of frames, colours glasses and graphics.  it is you are deciding from slav nowosad designed parts  how will look your pair of frames. of today there are  over 1000 possibilities in sun and 800 in eye.  every setting is becoming unique thanks to your creativity. create altogether your individual frames with slav nowosad’ Which says to me that you can create your own BeSpoke Eyewear but can’t really see it on the site or in their blog. They are probably one of the first eyewear designer to actually start a blog- you can browse from 2007 and see their designs and awards. I always like to go back and see where they are coming from. But this below is where they are going in the future and it is wonderful.