HB Holzbau may not be the first company to incorporate real wood into their eyeglass designs, but this Swiss company has taken the craft to the next level with a 70 step process whose omega is the finest specimen of wooden eyewear we have seen.

HB Switzerland WoodBern happens to be the fourth most populated city in Switzerland and also hosts the dedicated eyewear designers and manufacturers of Holzbau. The company cites sundry advantages to using wood over the more common elasto-/thermoplastics when crafting their frames, one of the most important being comfort.

HB Switzerland Wood EyewearWearers of Holzbau wooden eyeglasses will feel enthroned by the lightweight ergonomic designs that mold naturally to the head.  Modern frame shapes and pops of subtle color add to the many creature comforts of these skillfully crafted frames.

HB Wood EyewearThe “wood-inspired” look has made an impression in the eyewear industry for sometime, and although other plastic “wood-print” frames may look good from a distance, they pale in comparison to the comfort of the real thing.  Once you feel the difference of authentic Swiss made Holzbau wooden frames you will never revert to the fake stuff!