According to, Grey is back in a big way this season – making waves in both formal and casual menswear.  The color grey alone may not necessarily be what first comes to mind when thinking about fashion- forward style however the combination of different hues, patterns, and textures gives the classic color a modern twist.

Pair a lighter grey dress shirt with a darker tie, or go bold with a tie in a deep, rich shade of purple, red, or blue. There are even more choices when it comes to casual wear. You can opt for grey denim, checks, plaid, prints, or stripes and pair with another neutral monochrome color like black, beige, grey, or blue to give your outfit contrast and layers. Grey is such a versatile color, it can be worn either as an entire single color, tonal outfit, or as an anchor when paired with other bold colors. Update your style by adding some classic grey pieces to your wardrobe this season… like a great pair of Charcoal frames!

Handcrafted in Italy, Cole Haan’s playful 221 is a celebration of today’s modern retro style. Its colorful, Italian made acetate fronts are complemented by natural bamboo temples that add contemporary flair to the modernized square eye shape. The lightweight frame features rich metallic temple junction caps between the acetate and bamboo lending a clean, polished look; adjustable acetate tips add comfort and flexibility. The 221 also features German-engineered components and  Cole Haan signature temple tips.

View the style here:


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