Tree nurseryThrough a collaboration with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees in developing countries, MODO Eyewear has improved the lives of local people in Cameroon, Africa through their “One Frame One Tree” initiative. Under the program, MODO plants a tree for every frame sold from their environmentally-friendly line, Eco.

The sustainability initiative not only restores deforested lands, but also creates better conditions to grow crops, which in turn provides a means for local people to generate income. Rural farmers of Cameroon’s Western Highlands are taught sustainable land-use practices that improve the soil, yield better crops and protect the land from further erosion.

Cameroon farmers are given seeds that are planted in tree nurseries. Bare-stem transplanting workshops are held by specialists to teach local farmers about agroforestry and other sustainable farming techniques. From the nurseries, plants and baby trees are transplanted into fields where farmers continue to cultivate and evolve their land and benefit from improved soil conditions.

Cameroon is one of many countries around the globe suffering from the effects of deforestation. Deforestation is a critical problem in Cameroon due to agricultural expansion and the ever-growing need for timber. More than 50 percent of Cameroon’s population lives in rural areas. The majority of the people depend on the country’s 22 million hectares of forest for resources.

“The One Frame One Tree project was created out of our desire to find a tangible way of being environmentally responsible,” said Alessandro Lanaro, CEO of MODO.  “I believe that this initiative will make a positive difference in addition to creating awareness amongst consumers. It is about taking action. We are giving our customers the chance of contributing by planting a tree with their purchase. I sincerely hope that we will inspire other companies to do the same.”