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Snakeskin Eyewear

This beautiful handmade luxury eyewear is by Michele B Eyewear- out of Paris, France. Her collection includes not only snakeskin and Swarowski Crystals, but also wood, pearls, sterling silver and other elements to create a distinctive look. The eyeglass shapes she is using are perfect for any face shape. Also available, sunglasses, readers and of course the hottest eyeglass trend of retro designs.

Michele applied vintage snakeskin to add additional detailing and uniqueness. The skins were tanned in 1960 in the NYC area by an immigrant from Bulgaria.

The detailed Flower frames are engraved, embedded with Swarowski crystals and pearls, the petals and leaves are either painted either Swarowski navettes. It takes almost 2 days to produce the custom designs. Personally, I love the attention to detail and the flowers.

Flowers 7
Handmade Eyeglasses with Swarowski Crystals


  1. hi Donna!

    I do not live in Boca Raton anymore. So sorry to hear your glasses broke. Say hello to the girls, I miss you all.

  2. I had purchased a pair of glasses from Michele b, in Boca raton, Fl. If you r one in the same please email me. My glasses have broken and I need new ones. Cannot find anyone here that can replicate them…
    Thank You ,Donna Cato

  3. I am a also a craftman and i can assure you these are very high quality items. Such a good idea to mix materials. Clap Clap Clap Congratulations

  4. I just saw this collection and I thought it was great ,modern and very Avant Garde and I liked it for the styles and colors.

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