Turkish designer Hakaan Yildirim debuted his “H by Hakaan Yildirim” collection for the first time during February 2015 London Fashion week. The clothes were certainly inspired, but it was the eyewear that had people buzzing. The gorgeous round matte frames feature a dark lens for an ever-glamourous look.  Two gold honeycomb patterned semi-circles attach just before the temples making these shades fit for the Queen Bee.


There is no denying that art imitates life, so why not let mother nature take a fashionable flight with these bug eyed frames?  The oversized black sunnies are in fact octagon shaped for that extra “bug eyed” effect. There are two ways to interpret the lens portion of the frames: it is similar to a honey comb pattern, but it also resembles the plentiful tiny lenses that make up the compound eyes of many insects.  Either way, we are buggin’ out for these high fashion screened sunglasses.


Black is always going to be chic, be it in the form of ready to wear fashion or eyewear.  A large black frame is certain to be hit but it’s nice to see it combined it with something other than an equally opaque black lens. The sunglasses seen here have a dark brown lens which will provide the protection from the flashing lights while allowing a bit of the model’s precious peepers to shine through.  An ornamental honey comb pattern adorns the tops of the glasses… these sunnies are the Bee’s Kneez!


Via: hakaanyildirim.com