SAN DIEGO – (Business Wire) GUNNAR Optiks, the leading manufacturer of digital performance eyewear, announced today that they have partnered with Carl Zeiss Vision to co-develop, co-market and co-brand the next iteration of i-AMP® prescription lens technology. This technology platform, originally developed by GUNNAR for those that live a digital lifestyle, enhances the human visual system when viewing digital devices.

GUNNAR Optiks is the first company to develop a total lens and frame solution addressing the needs of the most demanding digital device users. GUNNAR’s i-AMPTM lens technology works with and enhances the properties of the human eye when viewing a digital screen. “We are passionate about what we do, and we’ll never stop perfecting our product,” said Joe Croft, GUNNAR’s co-founder and EVP of Research & Development. “To date, we have developed the best lens concept in the world for this application. Now we need the talents of the best lens maker in the world to take our ophthalmic technology to the next level.”

Carl Zeiss Vision will immediately begin adding their expertise to the partnership. “We see it as a natural fit and a logical alignment,” commented Fred Howard, President, Carl Zeiss Vision, Americas. “GUNNAR has a unique understanding of the visual demands of a digital lifestyle, which has made the company a force in this industry almost overnight. ZEISS is world- renowned for precision optics, with the most advanced lens production facilities in the optical industry, and unmatched research and development skills. We are proud to embark on this exclusive partnership with Gunnar, and excited to become a driving force behind this area of lens innovation.”

The two companies have already agreed upon a co-branding strategy. “Since GUNNAR has made an immediate impact on younger consumers immersed in the digital world and the ZEISS name carries weight in the optical industry, we each bring something to the table,” noted Howard. “We could not ask for a better marriage between legendary ZEISS precision optics and GUNNAR’s progressive footprint in the digital revolution.” GUNNAR’s website, marketing literature, and product branding will carry the ZEISS logo and an explanation of ZEISS’s role in co-developing, designing, and manufacturing i-AMP® enabled prescription lenses.

The partnership allows GUNNAR to concentrate on the future of digital optics while ZEISS provides the engineering behind new digital performance optics innovations. “GUNNAR is committed to every aspect of a digital lifestyle,” said Croft. “GUNNAR has already begun research efforts and produced prototypes in 3D technology, augmented reality eyewear, visually activated pointing devices and heads-up displays. With the help of ZEISS to make these concepts a reality, we are poised to make the future of digital vision a reality.”


Digital Performance Eyewear enhances optical performance to give users an immediately noticeable visual advantage. i-AMP® lens technology is an optical platform that includes the following components:

  • diAMIX™ lens material offers an optically pure viewing experience with ultra-light, ergonomic properties;
  • fRACTYL™ lens geometry mimics nature to aid the natural focusing power of the cornea and lens while creating a preferential ocular microclimate.
  • ZEISS coatings and tints, custom-tuned through GUNNAR’s pROFiLE™ specifications to various digital viewing environments.

GUNNARS are designed to enhance performance, prevent Digital Eye Fatigue (DEF) and protect against Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), a visual condition that negatively impacts 125 million computer users according to the American Optometric Association.

“It’s not just computer screens,” said Dr. Jeffrey R. Anshel, O.D., GUNNAR Optiks Technical Advisor. “With cell phones, BlackBerrys, and all sorts of miniature LCD data around, the constant flow of digital data leaves many of us with dry eyes, blurry vision, eye strain and headaches. With GUNNAR Optiks eyewear, computer users can be more comfortable and more productive for longer periods of time.”

According to the Vision Council of America, nearly 90 percent of those who use a computer at least three hours a day suffer vision problems associated with computer-related eye strain.

A 2004 study at the University of Alabama-Birmingham investigated the link between productivity and exposure to computer screens and found that uncorrected computer vision, even when there are no symptoms, can significantly affect worker productivity and accuracy. With subjects that had focal problems measuring as little as 0.5 diopters, the loss in worker productivity was 8.9 percent, while loss in accuracy measured 38.1 percent. (Daum, 2004)

About GUNNAR Optiks

GUNNAR Optiks, LLC engineers and produces Digital Performance Eyewear, eyeglasses that enhance and work with the human visual system when viewing computer screens and digital devices. GUNNAR, a privately held company, was founded in 2005 and officially launched Digital Performance Eyewear in the United States in October, 2008. GUNNAR is actively seeking international distribution.

About Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc.

Carl Zeiss Vision is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing ophthalmic lenses, lens coatings and dispensary technologies.

Premium eyeglass lenses from Carl Zeiss are the result of more than 160 years of advanced research and innovation in all areas of precision optics. For decades, the world’s scientists, doctors, researchers and engineers have relied on optics from Carl Zeiss. From surgical microscopes and lasers to telescopes and lenses used in space exploration, Carl Zeiss is the undisputed expert in premium optics.

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