Another new Wood and Bamboo Eyewear company just came to our attention. Australian based Grown Eyewear had created a line of sustainable eyewear from both wood and bamboo. When I say sustainable is they are giving back. Here is what they say:

‘Being first inspired by the selfless acts of FRED HOLLOWS, we began to create a socially responsible business model that would allow us to do what we love while redistributing profits towards funding meaningful and life-changing efforts. We decided to support the ‘Gift of Sight’ programs which are run by both the FRED HOLLOWS FOUNDATION (Australia) and SEVA CANADA

For every purchase that is made, sight-restoring surgery for 1 individual or diagnostic eye examinations for 12 children will be fully funded by GROWN.’

Always good to hear companies up to social good. We wish them well.

For other Australian Eco Friendly Eyewear be sure to check out Holloway’s Upcycled Skatedeck Eyeglasses.


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