V8 is cleverly put into the hinge. The V* logo first appeared on a Ford Sedan in 1934. Only 10,000 pieces of this style will be made

Eyewear – Sunwear based upon car design? Check out Grix Eyewear from Australia. Andrew Holdsworth has always loved automotive design and decided to combine classic car design with sunglasses back in 2003. From what I see, he did a great job. The sunwear is made with aerodynamic aluminum, making it lightweight yet strong.  The use of polycarbonate lenses is an important safety factor.

Fireball with mirror coated lenses

Flaming temples are the important highlight in the The Grix Fireball Billet Sunglasses. Any rum, rum boy from motorcycles, to bikes to cars puts a classic flame decor on his/her toy/.

To find Grix Eyewear near you, check out their dealer locator on their site. They are a global eyewear company.