I love finding new sunglass companies. The latest discovery is by Austrialian line called  Enki. Starting in 2008 by designer Jesse Walker, the line is inspired by global travel, cultures and philosophies. An edgy shape touched off with embellished details of antique bronze or silver. The look is definitely dramatic with odd shapes, unusual colors and a forward look.

What else is fabulous? The story behind the frame name. I am a little obsessed about names and adore the Greek references. You get a little history lesson along with the sunglasses.

The Atomists were a group of ancient Greek philosophers who pioneered the concept of the philosophical atom, which they thought to be indivisible, immutable and indestructible. This was later disproved by modern science (as most beautiful ideas are). 


Enki-Atomists- Matte Mint

Green sophist, Zenobius taught the art of rhetoric to Romans during the rule of Hadrian. He was also known to pen proverbs of profound meaning.


SEnki-Zenobious- Matte Orange

Hesiod- A Greek poet and scholar who brushed shoulders with Homer, and is considered an authority on Greek mythology, early economics, agriculture and time-keeping. His poems were amongst the first that gave a glimpse into the poet’s personal life, and pondered concepts like divine justice.


Enki=Hesiod- Front

The lenses are Cr39 and come with UV protection. Currently they are showing 11 styles in 3 colors. All a bit edgy and dramatic. We love it.


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