patent-google-contactsI can see the telescopes in the eyes for people of low vision, I can see the glucose monitoring for those with diabetes, and now Google  as part of their many contact lens patents has filed a patent for a camera in the contact lens. Is this one more way for Google to start running our world?

First in January, was the Glucose Monitoring Contact Lens and the new Google patent discovered by  Patent Bolt—likely No. 20140098226, is titled “Image Capture Component On Active Contact Lens.

Via: Patent BoltOne of Google many patent applications regarding future smart contact lenses generally relates to systems and/or methods for capturing image data representing a scene in a gaze of a viewer via a thin image capture component integrated on or within a contact lens, processing the image data, and employing the processed image data to perform functions locally on the contact lens or remotely on one or more remote devices. The term “images capture component” simple means a camera.

For example, a thin (image capture) camera component can be embedded on or within a contact lens such that it does not substantially affect thickness of a conventional contact lens. Furthermore, the camera component can be aligned such that it tracks and generates image data of an image of a scene corresponding to the gaze of the wearer, without obstructing the wearer’s view.

As the wearer’s gaze shifts, the contact lens will follow the shift in gaze, thereby allowing for generating image data corresponding to an image of the scene in the shifted gaze.






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