Gold and Wood With Wood Temples- Style 408

Gold and Wood Eyewear a luxury eyewear collection that is known for their beautiful buffalo horn and wood eyewear. I really like their sustainability statement that is on their website and thought I would share it with our readers.

A commitment to sustainable development

Gold & Wood is socially responsible for a creative process, which fully respects sustainable development, in terms of manufacturing and in the procurement of raw materials.

About the horn

The African and Vietnamese buffalo horn is taken from domesticated animals meant for the butcher’s shop. Indian horns are taken without mutilation or cruelty, mindful of cows’ sacred nature in this country. A Health Certificate issued by Indian authorities attests to the veterinary origin and good health of the animals

About the wood

Very little wood is used in manufacturing the settings. For example, the production of a thousand eyeglass temples requires cutting down a single tree. The anallergic nature and lightness of this entirely natural material is a major asset for the settings. For all woods used in its collections, Gold & Wood resorts to an FSC-certified supplier, a guarantee of the right and proper monitoring of the wood’s traceability by an independent certification agency. Its raw woods, from a controlled provenance, come exclusively from regions of the world where systematic reforestation is in effect and monitored by local authorities. Furthermore, the supplier’s facilities are equipped with used-water filtration and purification systems. As for the dyes used in staining the raw material, they boast extremely low toxicity rate and are strictly environment-friendly.

A certified manufacturing process

Gold & Wood incorporates the most demanding ecological criteria in the entire manufacturing process of its settings, along with specific ecological and economic management of its waste. In April 2009, Gold & Wood’s latest relevant evaluation allowed the company to obtain the renewal of the « SuperDrecksKëscht® für Betriber » certificate, issued by Luxembourg’s Ministry for the Environment, represented by the Environment Directorate and the Chamber of Professionals. This certificate of high quality concerns the collection and sorting of waste, its storage, removal and elimination, as well as preventive measures, to limit the production of waste.

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