Geared for male millennials and young-at-heart baby boomers, URock’s minimalist designs that balance cool with edge. Masculine color palette along with textured patterns, metal accents and matte finishes invite broad appeal. Quality materials such as handmade zyl and spring hinges support their active lifestyles. URock also represents a great choice for computer glasses because its affordable price point helps offset the high cost of lenses.


Bassist – Features: TR90, stainless steel temples, silicone pads. Colors: black matte/gunmetal, brown, tortoise/brown


Mid-Range – handmade zyl, spring hinges. Colors: brown/coffee, brown/navy, brown/olive


Entourage – Features: stainless steel, keyhole bridge, silicone pads. Colors: matte black/antique pewter, matte brown/antique gold


Solo – handmade zyl, woodgrain pattern temples, metal trim, spring hinges. Colors: black matte, grey/navy matte, tortoise matte

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