A few years ago we did a post on Moat House Eyewear, a sustainable wood eyewear collection made in England. For our Give Back Tuesday, we thought we would revisit Moat House to see what they were up to lately. We love any wood company that uses reclaimed wood and plants trees, we especially love wood eyewear companies that make stylish eyewear from sustainable sources and aspire to zero waste. That is Moat House Eyewear in a nutshell.

Daisy in Walnut Silver
Gothard in Purple Oak

Aside from the styles and the colors, they use locally sourced suppliers (reducing carbon footprint) and are made in England. Since their beginnings in 2013, they have evolved to also make eyewear for other brands, a good thing for them and helping to assure they will stay in business for the long term.

Via Moat House Eyewear 


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