Fog has always posed a problem with vision. Whether trying to see through a San Francisco summer drive, or through a sudden Colorado mountain rainstorm, fog in an automobile is usually taken care of with a flip of the switch and a nice blast of air from the car defroster. Cyclists don’t have that same option and have been plagued for years with a way to eliminate fog while still wearing some sort of eye protection. Oakley things it has helped solve that problem with a new line of cycling based eyewear incorporating a unique ventilation system designed to eliminate fog altogether

Oakley has introduced a new Flight Jacket and Field Jacket sunglasses, both equipped with Oakley’s Prizm lens which offers exception contrast and clarity allowing cyclists to enjoy more of the world they see as they ride by. Prizm lenses provide exceptional light transmission resulting in richer colors while cutting sun glare.

Oakley Flight Jacket

Oakley has developed a new innovation in airflow technology they are calling “The Advancer”, giving riders the ability to improve ventilation at the touch of a toggle switch located on the nose piece. When the switch is moved, it opens a small vent, moving the glasses slightly away from the face, creating greater airflow to the backside of the sunglasses, which is aimed at preventing fog from developing on the inside of the lens where there is an obvious temperature and humidity difference.

Both the Flight Jacket and Field Jacket have been designed to be very aerodynamic while offering 100% UV protection. Check them out on Oakley’s website.


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