Many of our readers have doubtless heard about Flint, Michigan’s water or lack of clean water problems. Basically what happened in a nutshell, some politicos that did not know what they were doing, decided to save money by getting Flint, Michigan’s water from another water source, that did not have ‘clean water’ safeguards in check. Many people have died or gotten sick, developed Legionairres Disease and a host of other problems.

Because 80% of the Flint is unusable and undrinkable, the water has to be trucked in to the tune of 20,000,000 bottles a day. That is a lot of water bottles that possible could land up in landfills, never to biodegrade.

Two people, Ali Rose VanOverbeke and Jack Burns came up with the idea to reuse those Flint, Michigan water bottles to create eyewear. Interesting concept and one that has infinite source of raw materials as the average American use 167 disposable water bottles per year, but only recycle 38. That does not even count soda and other drink container bottles. Americans use about 50 billion plastic water bottles every year.

We love it, reduce, reuse and recycle.. great mantra for these visionaries.


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