Los Angeles, CA – March, 2015 – *Garrett Leight California Optical  is pleased to present its newest artistic venture, *The Cycle*, with Venice filmmaker Joey Indrieri.

After moving to Venice years ago, Indrieri saw how violence was perpetuated in the cycle of bicycle thefts and the resulting desire for retribution. His new short film, *The Cycle,* is a poetic meditation on the repetitive behaviors that can unknowingly define our lives. Through the symbol of the bicycle, we witness the struggle to recognize oneself after experiencing heartbreak and learn how to see the world clearly again.

The Cycle from Garrett Leight on Vimeo.

While *The Cycle* is dark in tone and aesthetic, it is also so seductively filmed and executed that it becomes attractive and magnetic. Indrieri has created a true collaboration with a lean but passionate crew, including DP Keith Picus, composer Alex Kemp, production manager and editor Tony Papa, and actors Justin Chatwin and Addison Timlin.

Indrieri met Garrett Leight, founder of Garrett Leight California Optical, many years ago during another film shoot that Indrieri thought was an instant fit with the GLCO brand. “I made something independently, connected it to his brand and then we collectively came up with the idea to do something that wasn’t just about a brand – that wasn’t a commercial,” says Indrieri. “Lenses, vision – these concepts lend themselves to creative filmmaking.” Garrett also shares his excitement for the project with Joey. “I’m thrilled to be finally working on a project together,” he says. “Joey is such a talented filmmaker and I hope to work on more projects with him in the near future.”