The color green – it stands for nature, happiness, good fortune – exactly the sort of things you can never get enough of. It is no wonder that “Greenery” was voted Pantone Color of the Year for 2017. It is also a highly suitable finish for all of our loved fashion accessories, and that is why we our reintroducing all of your favorite neubau eyewear frames in the most beautiful shades of green(ery).


Whether in evergreen or agave, neubau eyewear models Sam, Frida and Edmund will surround you with mental images of luscious green natural enclaves even as you embark on the grayest of expeditions through the asphalt jungle.



TO20 Valerie
TO19 Bob

And since a concern for nature is also at the center of everything to do with sustainability, neubau eyewear’s models Dani, Valerie and Bob are made from natural PX, an organic material derived from renewable sources, just to make sure that those green shoots will keep sprouting in the future as well.

TO15 Sam