It’s no secret to city budgets, no matter where you live, are stretched to the breaking point. Fifty years ago, the American economy was 70% goods to 30% services. This is the system most of us have lived under regarding the basics of city taxation, the sales tax. In most states and municipalities, goods are taxed under sales tax, while services have been primarily exempt.

The economy has changed over the last several decades and goods and services in the United States are pretty much even these days. That means the income many states and cities receive have been declining for years. The result is a lot of unrepaired city infrastructure. We have seen some individuals spray painting phallic symbols around potholes with some success in getting city services out to repair the potholes for fear of the complaints from the offending street art.

However, another artistic expression has come to our attention with broken infrastructure called “eyebombing” or the sticking of adhesive googly eyes on broken city fixtures. Here are a few fun photos we found of “eyebombing” we thought would make you smile.

Vanyu Krastev
Vanyu Krastev

Photos courtesy of Eyebombing

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